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Purchase and storage of gold

The purchase of gold as a traditional highly liquid asset, which price is steadily increasing in against the backdrop of geopolitical disasters and trade wars, is one possibility to invest your funds:

There are mainly two options for buying gold bars and coins in Austria.

  1. Through a current account in an Austrian bank from which gold will be purchased, and through a custody account, where gold will then be stored. Gold can also be stored in a safe. The principles for opening accounts and providing sources of funds for the purchase of gold are described below.
  2. By concluding a direct contract with an Austrian company which is an authorized gold trader. In this case following steps are to be considered:
    • Request to purchase gold;
    • Agreement is concluded;
    • The acceptance of the Source of funds (supporting documentation) has to be confirmed by the Trader;
    • Invoice will be issued and paid by you;
    • You pay the bill
    • Price and volume will be fixed;
    • Gold is either delivered to you in the EU in physical form or deposited in custody account on your name in banks or in special depositories in Vienna, Frankfurt, London, Singapore.

In case of your interest in purchasing gold bars and coins, we are ready to:

  1. Act as organizer and coordinator of the transaction;
  2. Get a credit line secured by gold stored in a European bank to finance your current needs.

VAT (20%) is not to be paid for buying gold in Austria.

The minimum transaction amount is the equivalent of 500 000 EUR.

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