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Services only for Russian counterparties and counterparties from the CIS countries

In our opinion, large and medium-sized Russian private businesses need serious protection of shareholders interests from raider seizures, unfriendly acquisitions, and pressure from external forces to transfer business to competitors.

We suggest that you consider setting up a holding company that either manages your business or is a member of a holding company. a shareholder of your assets in the Russian Federation, in Austria.

The advantages of such a management structure are obvious:

1. the protection of corporate rights in the EU is much better structured than in the Russian Federation;
2. as your business develops, you get the opportunity to list the shares of the holding company on the Vienna Stock Exchange;
3. You get expanded access to European investors, investment funds and financial institutions;
4. your competitors ' plans for various unfriendly actions against your business will significantly decrease when an Austrian holding company becomes a shareholder. No one will want to be banned from the EU or have to deal with European justice.

If you decide to register an Austrian holding company, we are ready to assist you in the following areas::

1. Registration of an Austrian company
2. Formation of the structure of shareholders and management bodies
3. Organization of the purchase of Russian assets
4. Interaction with the Austrian state and tax authorities
5. Opening company accounts in Austrian banks
6. Represent your interests in Austrian banks when conducting transactions
7. Preparation of legal and audit opinions of Austrian law firms on the source of funds received in the company's accounts

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