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Opening accounts for private persons in Austrian and European banks

The general criteria for premium banking services in Austrian and European banks, including banks in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, are as follows:

1. Minimum amount 1 000 000 EUR (initial deposit EUR 500 000 t up to EUR 1 000 000 within the first year);
2. Preliminary verification of account holders regarding criminal and various sanctions lists;
3. Providing of transactions in US dollars only upon purchase of securities nominated in US dollars and receipt of coupon income, dividends or amounts from redemption of securities on them;
4. Possibility to create its own investment portfolio;
5. Mandatory confirmation of the source of funds on the client’s account and all amounts received to this account;
6. Preliminary approval of contract documentation for crediting and debiting funds;
7. The ability to open accounts for companies controlled by the account holder, while limiting the number of transactions on such corporate accounts up to 10 per month. Further information and clauses see section 1.

We can properly introduce you to the banks in Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, support you with the preparation of documents for KYC and compliance procedures and then advise and support your operations.

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